Off the beaten track…

How do you mix when everything is falling apart?

Never thought I’d live to see this day.  The day of defeat.

Believing is what kept me going.  Now I realise, it’s not enough to believe in yourself.   You need a following.  And that’s a bit hard when all you’ve got to serve up is moshy off beats with a side platter of glitch.

Right now…Tomorrowland is looking a bit like Neverneverland



I love my job, unappreciated, working in an office at the bottom of the ladder because it reaffirms what I don’t want to be doing.  I look past the screens, the people and the fluro lights & in the distance I see Tomorrow World.  I’ll never give up on my dream…I want that high – mixing it up as a Superstar DJ at all the big festivals 🙂


It’s been a gorgeous weekend with perfect weather.  I feel love on the horizon and am happy to say that I’ve plugged my turnies back in again and am just now prepping a playlist ready for mixing! Yay 🙂


16 million colour possibilities and I want my own. Colour, sound, numbers…they all paint a rainbow path to the dream.  I’m gonna mix it up hard this weekend.  Giving up ain’t an option 😎

Need to mix…

It really does rip me to shreds.  Being a genuine DJ with my own style and flaming, burning ambition and dreams – but no support…I feel no one even wants to hear me. Is this really how fucking hard it’s supposed to be?  I could have been a Superstar DJ. Instead, I’m just an unknown.  Tia